Friday, September 2, 2011

First Day On The Feild

Scene this is my first blog, it will be rather lengthy,scene i do plan to tell you about myself(:

Im goona kinda break this up into catorgys.

Home: I live in the middle of nowhere,also known as Alabama. I do enjoy it here, a whole lot actually,but I dream of the day i start collage in New York City,tiny aptarment and all. New York is where i see myself best belonging, sometimes i feel this redneck town is holding me back from being myself.

School: Im in ninth grade gade,i would say what school im at,but i wanna really talk about things in my blogs without deguising things.

Views: I do have very consertive veiws on poltics but somewhat liberal views on life. If its not wrong and it makes you happy,go for it. I am a Christian but have no problem with athesit, gay people,or frankly any good people.

How I feel about life: Your only young once, might as well have fun. But when  it comes to love, thats all i really want in life.

Goals: Graduate, run off to collage in New York, fall in know the rest(;

Things about me: Im a major girly girl, want to become a actor,hate math, love making people laugh, shopping is the best sport in my world. And the Rest?? Keep on coming back(:


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